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Valley Forge Military takes top awards at band festival


Valley Forge Military Academy & College continued its musical domination of
military schools, sweeping the major awards at the 32nd Military School
Band Festival Concert, which it hosted in February.

The weekend competition started on Feb. 22 when about 100 musicians from 11
military schools each auditioned for the coveted first chairs for their
instruments. Members of Valley Forge's Regimental Band earned 7 of the 11
first-chair slots, and Valley Forge took home both the best prepared high
school band award and the best prepared college band award for the third
straight year.

Cadet Jonathon Banasihan, an alto saxophone player and freshman at the
college, won the award for most outstanding musician of the competition,
the second straight year a Valley Forge student won the award.

The musicians, coming from as far as California for the weekend, rehearsed
Friday and Saturday for Sunday's concert. Among the songs played on Sunday
were tunes you'd expect at a military band concert (the U.S. National
Anthem, classical selections from English composer Gustav Holst and some
you wouldn't (a sampling of works by the Blues Brothers).

Will Hobson 

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