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Recently, John Rapp contacted Niles Dally ‘63 and Gene Banco ‘63JC  
(Chairman and President of the Alumni Association, respectively) to  
obtain some information regarding rumors that have been circulating  
about the upcoming Leadership Detail.  Niles is generous in responding  
to John in timely fashion, and he has mentioned that unless something  
is marked “confidential” that it is available for dissemination.   
Herewith is the conversation, edited solely to remove personal  
conversation, without altering the substance of the issues, beginning  
with John’s questions and followed by responses by Mr. Dally:

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Over the past several days, I have been receiving phone calls from  
Alumni concerned about Leadership Detail.  Some of the phone calls  
have also been about the continuance of the Tour of Post which we did  
last year. The concern there is that this is to be continued.  This  
was sent by Tom Medearis prior to his departure and the feeling is  
this should not be lost just because of a new Commandant.  Has anyone  
heard yet what is happening on this front?

The other concern is about the Detail itself.  Word is out that there  
will be new cadets invited to participate in Leadership Detail. I am  
referring to actual plebes, new cadets who have never been on post  
before. These new cadets are graduates/transfers from other military  
schools and coming in to VF as NCO or Officers. Is there any truth to  
this and if so, what is the rationale?

We all know that Leadership Detail is the start of the school year and  
it has a great impact on what will happen for that year. One could say  
that a good Detail will set the tone for the rest of the year. We also  
know that Alumni follow certain items, and one is this especially as  
we start the new year with a new Commandant and concerns about less  
discipline. Those concerns are related to the “free weekend”  every  
month when a Corps Weekend is not scheduled that was announced over  
the summer. (This was recently announced by the school.)

Please shed some light on these topics before they get much further  



Hi John…

The Tour of the Post is scheduled, I believe that is going to be Aug.  
16 (don’t hold me to that date.)  If fact, we discussed this at the  
recent board meeting.

Regarding new cadets in the leadership detail, there are 6 cadets that  
were LT. or Cpts at New Mexico Military and the Marine Military  
Academy that will be attending VFMA&C as freshmen in the college.   
They have been invited to attend Leadership Detail, based on their  
previous leadership role, to be evaluated for any possible leadership  
role.  This is not unheard of in the Military.  These six gentlemen  
are up for evaluation; their leadership status is not guaranteed.    
Oh, by the way, this was all decided upon during the tenure of Tom  

Over the course of the academic year there are four months that do not  
have a holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break, etc. ).  For  
three of those months there will be a free weekend (none will be held  
in September because the Corps is too new).  Cadets are free to return  
home for the weekend or remain on post, their option.  If they remain  
on post they are to maintain full decorum. There will be the full  
complement of staff on post as for any other weekend.



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