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Dear Alumni,
You may have heard by now about a misleading article that ran yesterday in
the Philadelphia Daily News.  It incorrectly implies that two Valley Forge
officials allegedly resigned over grade changing issues.  I want to make
sure you have the facts about two very separate matters.
The first involves a complaint we received about grade changes in the
college last year.  In late August, nearly one month after leaving Valley
Forge to take a position in another institution, I received a letter from
Associate Dean of the College. Mr. Richard Robitaille submitted a written
complaint about improper behavior on the part of a senior Valley Forge
administrator relating to changes in some student¹s grades.  Following
our strict policies on this, I immediately established an independent board
to conduct a complete investigation.  It was led by a former Trustee who is
recognized as an accomplished academician.  The conclusion reached by the
board was clear and unanimous.  It found that the claims alleged by Mr.
Robitaille were without merit.  A week ago, the Executive Committee of the
Board of Trustees reviewed the investigation and was satisfied with its
On a separate matter, former Valley Forge Trustee and President of the
Alumni Association, John Rapp, resigned from the Academy¹s board of
trustees.  We are saddened by this news.  His contributions will be missed.
 The decision was entirely his own and is not related in any way to the
complaint of Mr. Robitaille.
As I talk to parents and alumni in my travels, I am continually impressed
by the depth and strength of your support in so many ways.   There are many
new and positive developments at ³the Forge.² Thank you for your
continued encouragement.
The institution is focused on the new strategic plan and all the wonderful
things it promises to bring with it. The largest project will be our $13.6M
major gift initiative which will help us launch our new college, ³The
Military College of Pennsylvania² and rehabilitate the dormitories. We
are making great progress and need your active participation. Walter
Mosetter ¹75/¹77C is doing a superb job on the latrine project so I
hope you will give him your full support.
The Naval Academy Prepsters and I had the pleasure of welcoming the new
Chief of Naval Operations, Admiral Gary Roughead ¹69 to Philadelphia. We
had a very informative luncheon with him at the Navy League. We were joined
by VFMAC¹s 8th President, Virgil Hill and his wife, Kim. It was a
wonderful day for Valley Forge!
Tony McGeorge
Valley Forge Military Academy & College

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