[sticklist] - Attention to Orders: All Alumni there will be a Trustee Meeting on 3 Year Plan Proposal June 28 2007

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On June 28 2007, at 2:30PM located in Eisenhower Hall, the administration will present a three year plan that will have significant impact on the future of Valley Forge. The Trustees will formally approve that plan at their September board meeting. 

Alumni this is an opportunity to hear first hand the recommended direction and changes the administration plans to implement in the next 3-5 years.  It is also an opportunity to ask the tough questions that must be asked before major changes to the school are implemented.  The time is now to come together and attend this monumental event.  The plan presented could change the character of our Alma Mater forever.    

 There are some things that are already happening that are mentioned in the proposed Strategic Plan. 

1.  The admission of Day School students to the Academy is one item. Questions that should be asked by alumni are what plans are in the works to enroll women into the Day School program? Do plans for women cadets include the Academy? Would women be billeted in the Academy barracks? Cost of adding latrine facilities? Discipline for the Day Students; how will that be different as they will not be restricted to post as boarding cadets? 

2.  Proposed modification of Mellon Hall to accommodate College classrooms and the possibility of selling off the College Hill sector of Academy property to Cabrini College. If Hart Hall is to be vacated, why is it being painted this summer? Is this relocation permanent?  What will happen to the cadet life opportunities located in Mellon Hall?

 These are just a few things that could be mentioned in your questioning.


Other Questions to ask are:  

1.  Infrastructure improvement plan.

What is the plan to raise @25M in deferred maintenance?  

.  Status of Wheeler Hall (major renovations must be done to get it back into zoning codes) 

2.  Status of scholarship funds for all cadets

D troop and E battery scholarship fund program to reduce cost

3.  Are there any plans to reestablish school alumni relations?

4.  Will there be an increase in recruiting alumni to work at VF?

5.  What military standards are going to be removed by the new direction of the current administration?  How will this keep VF competitive with other military academies? 


Again June 28, 2007, 2:30PM in Eisenhower Hall at VFMA&C.   


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