Downtime and Hoax

Fri Oct 11 03:55:11 EDT 2002


Attrition is back up as you can see.. not that you really noticed it down to begin with. For those who did, a quick update.

Late Wednesday night, we began having some serious hard drive errors. A couple reboots later and the box would only respond to pings and nothing else. On Thursday I drove down to the ISP hosting us and picked up the machine for some sweet lovin at home. After a small feast of sushi, Raven and I worked on figuring out details. Originally, the problem seemed something like CMOS failure. Ends up it was yet another case of a high cylinder drive running linux and LILO. As fdisk warns, this can cause bad things, and it did.

I found an old drive lying around (my last one) that is now the primary drive here. Re-installed a newer version of linux (Slack 8), fought with all sorts of fun upgrade wars and shitty GNU programs that have pathetic error messages. Hey GNU programmers, let me clue you in on something. Not all users of your software are programmers. Put some fucking helpful debugging error messages in for a change.

Due to the primary drive dying, some files were corrupt. If you see any files that seem corrupt or won't display properly on our web site, please contact me. If you sent mail to anyone or any mail list on the system and it bounced, please re-send it, it was lost.

As for the announcement of us getting bought by Symantec, yes, it was a hoax. The last paragrah and the black-on-black comments at the bottom should have been a good hint. This was put up by our ISP staff to amuse our loyal viewers while repairs were carried out (read: sushi). Unfortunately, those dorks over at Symantec didn't send us legal threats =(

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