9 OCTOBER 2002  20:02ET

Attrition.Org is pleased to announce its merger with Symantec Corporation(SYMC) as the latest addition to Symantec's suite of security Internet resources.The merger, the terms of which were not announced publicly, were agreed uponlate last evening, bringing to a close nearly seven months of negotiationsbetween the two parties.

"This merger with Symantec is a fantastic opportunity to grow our 'product'and provide a more robust service for the community" says Attrition.Org founderJericho. "Our talents can help take Symantec in new directions with research,and we get to work with some of the greatest minds and tools in the commercialinternet security industry."

Attrition.Org will continue to provide objective commentaryon Internet security topics as part of Symantec's Enterprise Security Group,and support Symantec's consulting team as subject-matter experts and functionas a research "think tank" when not deployed on client sites. The Attritionteam will provide significant support for testing and developing future versionsof Symantec's powerful suite of network security products.

Further, in recognition of Attrition.Org's name recognition and its dedicationto the Internet community over the past several years, Symantec has authorizedAttrition.Org to resume its mirror of website defacements.

The Attrition.Org website will be off-line for a while as its content is updatedto work in JavaScript before being incorporated into Symantec's corporatesite.

The Attrition.Org staff will hold a press conference to discuss the mergerand field questions from the community after it completes its post-mergercelebratory circle-jerk and its fleet of black helicopters can ferry themto the press conference venue in Las Vegas.

Further details about the merger will be announced later this month.Internet attorney-at-large Larry Gawdfrei is representing Attrition duringthe merger.

Seriously, though....we're not for sale, nor did we sell out to Symantec.We had a goofy hardware problem and had to take the box down for a littlewhile while we fix it. We're still our normal, sinister, fear-inducing gangstaselves. So watch your backs, jack....we're onto you!

Besides, who the fuck says April Fools *has* to be on April 1st anyway??