Errata Submission Guidelines

The Errata Project is best run as a community project. The security industry is rapidly growing and impossible to monitor by a handful of individuals. The integrity of our profession and industry should be important and a priority to all of us. As disreputable characters operate in the Information Security arena, they potentially cloud the perception of our discipline and poison the minds of customers.

We are always looking for more information related to Errata. We appreciate tips related to Certified Pre-owned devices, legal threats against researchers, bad auto-update mechanisms, industry charlatans, security company irony, security related spam or any security incidents that consumers should know about.


Please check our pages or search Google with "" to see if we have the incident first. There are no restrictions or requirements on what you send. However, there are a few things to remember when sending material to ensure that we can use it:

What qualifies an individual for 'Charlatan' status? Inclusion is subjective to a degree, but some of the things we look for include large scale plagiarism, "strong" media presence without credentials or work history to accompany the statements, repeated claims that are proven false with no indication they care or learn from mistakes, heavy use of FUD to promote themselves or services, repeatedly lying about aspects of their lives that have already been disproven, etc. A person who exhibits all of these traits in small bits may be included as well.

We have a large backlog of material at all times. If you send something and it isn't posted right away, bear with us. Some incidents are clear cut and quickly added. However, when adding charlatans or incidents that require context and history to explain, these can take time to research and draft and appropriate article. If you feel something may have been lost in the shuffle, feel free to contact us and ask or remind us of what you sent. We try really hard to produce quality factual research, but we are constantly dealing with lack of resources, most notably time.


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