Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting Hacked Again



'handbanana' posted a pastebin release claiming to contain server files and emails from consulting firm Black & Berg. This release comes only a few weeks after Black & Berg's website was defaced by Lulzsec.

This is the tale of a security boutique so lulzy we can't even bring ourselves to lulz at them anymore. It's been exactly two weeks since LulzSec sailed the LulzBoat over to, and since then Ryan Berg has feverishly been working to build a new site and re-invent the company image after having their asses publically plundered. They moved from Drupal to Wordpress, and got a new domain name. We assume the move away from Drupal was an act of desperation since they had no fucking clue how LulzSec got in -- switching CMS software was the only way to stay safe! The minute we saw this shiny new site, we had to see if our "favorite" Cybersecurity duo had learned any lessons. They had not.

The one thing we hate more than whitehats and "ethical hackers" (whatever the fuck /that/ is) is frauds. Joe, you are a fraudulent sack of shit. I hold your mother fully responsible for not aborting you, especially since she obviously smoked a lot of crank when she was pregnant with you. You are a genital wart on the nutsack of the infosec community, and quite franky we're tired of you. We had fun lulzing at you for a while, but you're just a bad joke told one too many times. You're a cunt, Joe, and although we're getting LulzSec's sloppy seconds, we're enjoying every second of fucking you.

This is the second time in two weeks that you've been pwnt, and it will continue to happen until you boys close up shop. We will never stop owning and exposing you for who you truly are. You're raping your customers by offering a service you can't even provide to yourselves, so we will capitalize on every opportunity we get to rape you. We mean it -- close up shop for good. You boys best stick to farming corn -- we hear that's what you Nebraski folks do best.

Done in the name of #AntiSec Greetz to LulzSec, zf0, Topiary, and jericho

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