Security 'expert' offers $10K reward for site hack, LulzSec obliges



Joseph Black, Senior Adviser at Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, LLC, offered a challenge at his site's homepage: hack it, and receive a $10,000 reward plus a position at the firm working alongside him. He felt so cocksure that he taunted the newly notorious online hacker group, LulzSec, via Twitter.

And then, the group hacked the homepage of Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting.

LulzSec managed to deface the Black & Berg site by adding an image of their chosen mascot - a wine-swilling, top hat-wearing, monocled snob - into a picture. The group also taunted Black by adding "THAT WAS EASY. KEEP YOUR MONEY WE DO IT FOR THE LULZ" to the original proposition.

The light-hearted back-and-forth between Black and LulzSec on Twitter (where this whole thing apparently started) took a bizarre turn after the group linked to his site and asked, "What happened here?"

"We're not sure what happened, we're looking into it," wrote Black in response. "It seems whoever is responsible was very good at covering their tracks."


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