Manu Zacharia

Network Intrusion Alert" Heavily Plagiarized

Mon Jan 3 02:43:17 CST 2011

"Network Intrusion Alert: An Ethical Hacking Guide to Intrusion Detection" written by Ankit Fadia and Manu Zacharia (ISBN 1598634143 and 9781598634143) contains significant amounts of plagiarized material. Published in 2008, the book uses material from a wide variety of sources to varying degrees. In many cases, entire paragraphs are used with little or no alteration, and no citation or credit. This large-scale plagiarism is detailed below. The book, published by Thomson Course Technology, was technically reviewed by Arlie Hartman, who apparently did not check if the material was original.

In this review, material that is underlined has been plagiarized from sources made public well before this book was published. The original source material is underlined to show a side-by-side comparison, and demonstrate the extent of the plagiarism. The one section in italics denotes the material was reworded significantly, but clearly taken from another source.

An extremely detailed analysis has been performed for the first chapter (10 pages) to show the scope and method of plagiarism. Our analysis shows that roughly 90% of the first chapter, including the six graphics used, has been taken from other sources. Due to time constraints, notes are used for brevity for the rest of the material.

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