Gregory D. Evans, Copyright Violations for Over a Year

Fri Jul 1 21:39:14 CDT 2011

Over one year ago, we documented a case where Evans was plagiarizing content for his Twitter feed. Since then, he has demonstrated a clear pattern of plagiarism and copyright violation. Even after his 'National CyberSecurity' web site was ousted by GoDaddy for repeated copyright violations (scraping entire articles and re-posting without permission), Evans continues to do it.

A year after our first documented case of Evans plagiarizing, he is still up to the same old tricks. Today, his new "" site continues to scrape entire news articles, including the graphics, without permission. While he does give credit to the original source at the end of the article, that does not justify what he is doing or make it legal. Reproducing an entire piece of work without permission is simple copyright violation. One would think that after being booted off at least one ISP for the same thing, he may learn from his past crimes, but apparently not.

To add insult to injury, much like when he plagiarized Chris John Riley, a person that Evans libeled and slandered repeatedly, he has done it again. This time, Evans copied an entire article written by Krypt3ia, one of the 25 John Does in a lawsuit that Evans eventually dismissed without prejudice after being sanctioned by the judge.

As always, we fully encourage you to send a DMCA complaint to his ISP if you find that he has borrowed your content without prior permission.

1. Screenshot - front page

2. Screenshot - krypt3ia's blog

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