Gregory D. Evans / LIGATT Can't Keep Board Members

Tue Jan 4 01:54:42 CST 2011

In April of 2010, LIGATT announced the addition of Keith Flannigan to the board of directors. This was a surprise to Flannigan, who made it clear he was not on the board and had not done work for LIGATT.

Once again, Gregory D. Evans seems to have jumped the gun, turning a small offer to help LIGATT with their public image into an agreement to join the board. Like before, this came as a surprise to Kellep Charles. News came from Marcus J. Carey via Twitter that Charles was not on the board, and his offer was taken out of context. While Charles has not contacted us directly, we believe Carey's communication to be true.

Two board members announced, both quickly denied the position.

LIGATT site announcing Charles and LIGATT site two days later, after Charles complained.

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