Gregory D. Evans: Wannabe Mogul, Serial Debt and over 11 Million in the Hole

Sat Jan 8 00:17:34 CST 2011

Important. Powerful. Wealthy. Influential. These are only some of the words that Gregory Evans uses to describe himself. Evans even has a long history of referring to himself as a mogul. He has done so on his website, biographies, twitter, news sites, and has even gone so far as to place this self-appointed title in LIGATT's official Press Releases.

Evans is entranced by the image of being a mogul and wanting to "live the life". He uses LIGATT investor money to purchase private suites at Phillips Arena (Archive), tweeted about his Bentley getting wrecked and his girlfriend buying him a new one, and more recently spent time in Vegas, all as attempts to display his wealth. In reality, Evans and his company are hemorrhaging money and in serious debt, with several court rulings ordering one or both to pay serious restitution.

The only power Evans seems to enjoy, is that of aggressive, libelous and inaccurate press releases spouting off about his imaginary leadership position in the security industry, or his 'power' to file a ridiculous number of lawsuits over anything and everything that offends him, including his detractors' right to free speech.

Gregory Evans Debt Tracker

The following table outlines known cases related to Gregory D. Evans in which he has been commanded by a court to pay restitution. According to several sources, Evans has not remitted payment for these cases. The now infamous LIGATT vs John Doe 1 - 25 case had one defendant dismissed from the case, and a ruling by the judge that Evans must pay his legal fees. Another case (10-GC-12300-S1) may also involve Evans, but the court record does not indicate an address or another piece of information that can positively tie the case to Evans.

Date Amount Owed Incident
2011-01-07 $13,000 Harris Publications vs Evans / LIGATT (11-C-00222-S3)
2010-11-17 $23,405.09 Olympus Media LLC vs LIGATT / Evans (10-M-42147)
2010-05-26 $1,700,000 JRS Corp. demand for arbitration over unpaid shares
2009-06-15 $592,255.21 Twin Equities, LLC vs LIGATT (2009-CA-019234-O)
1998-11-10 $9,083,09?.96 USA vs Evans (2:98-cr-01154-DT)
1998-05-18 $446,884.80 MCI Telecomm vs Evans (2:98-cr-03900-DT-E)
Total: $11,858,636.06

In addition to outstanding debt, there are more signs that Evans has serious financial problems. Included below are cases of bounced checks and other debts that are not clear if resolved:

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