March 30, 2006 (HANNOVER, MD) - Attrition.Org and Vmyths.Com, two of the Internet's most venerable security information resources, are announcing their merger and subsequent creation of Brilliant Security Initiatives (BSI), a public-interest security consultancy based in Hannover, MD.

Since late 2005, the firm has quietly received funding from the Department of Homeland Security to support the development of its next-generation adaptive search appliance based on BSI's proprietary Bilateral Unique Linear Logarithm technology.

In a public statement to analysts this week, Attrition.Org founder Brian Martin and Vmyths founder Robert Rosenberger agreed that "while we've both had repeated offers over the years to 'go corporate' none of them seemed like a good match for our culture and services. This particular opportunity is a 'perfect storm' to align our expertise to serve a critical need for our nation's defense and bring an exciting project into reality."

The BULL project is intended to provide seamless, intelligent and adaptive Realtime Query Services (RQS) for the Department of Homeland Security's own Secure Homeland Information Transfer network that provides a common shared and secure operating environment for federal, state, and local law enforcement and emergency responders.

In addition to the RQS initiative, Brilliant Security develops and provides subscription-based research and analysis pertaining to Internet security and other topics related to critical infrastructure protection.

"Most research firms provide analysis and 'advice' from an Ivory Tower perspective," says Jay Dyson, the firm's Technical Research Director. "What we bring to the table are lessons-learned based on direct, recent, and ongoing experience as security practitioners instead of industry groupthink and fuzzy research findings that change daily."

In addition to the $3.4 million RQS funding for 2006 is a last-minute, $1.2 million contract to provide secure electronic mail services to the FBI's New York Field Office, which was discovered recently to be lacking such basic networked services for its crime-fighting activities. Supporting this effort is Lockheed Martin Information Systems, already overseeing a $500 million program to develop the successor to the Bureau's failed Virtual Case File system.

Martin said, "Rob [Rosenberger] and I were tired of sending mail to New York based FBI agents only to get it bounced back as undeliverable, and that just won't fly in this day and age of fighting terrorism -- especially when it involves our invoices and getting paid for our work in the Big Apple."

Assisting in this merger is Richard Forno, the former operator of the seven-year old Infowarrior.Org security site, who will join the venture as chief scientist, and noted security expert AJ Reznor as chief technology officer. Corporate technical support and outsourced consulting services for the New York FBI e-mail project will be provided by the five-year-old UnixGeeks.Org consultancy, also merged into the combined entity.

With a full-time staff of fourteen, the new company will be based in Hannover, MD. The firm's new website will launch on 1 April 2006.

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