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Wed May 9 13:09:37 CDT 2012

On Wed, May 9, 2012 at 2:03 PM, security curmudgeon
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> : A little more development and I will be happy to share that plugin code
> : with Tenable. I'm working with Nikto 2.1.4 and am also in the process of
> : updating the nikto.nasl plugin to use the Nikto -Plugin option rather
> : than -mutate as per documentation. I'm also adding the missing mutate
> : options as mutate 5 (-Plugin subdomain) might be useful to us.
> :
> : When is the deprecated -mutate option scheduled to be completely
> : withdrawn?
> That is a question for Sullo or the Nikto team.

Thanks, missed that one!

There's not much effort going on with removing that code, so I wouldn't
expect it to leave any time soon. Ultimately, it needs to be reimplemented
via -Plugins so the functionality is not fully lost. Right now development
is shifting to some other changes.

And if possible, we'll leave -mutate in for legacy commands... much like
-findonly, which now is just an 'alias' for the proper -Plugins options.

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