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> Hi,
> I'm new to the list. In fact I thought these types of lists were now
> obsolete as most organizations now use web based internet forums, yet here
> we are! This takes me back a few years.
> First let me say thank you for making the Nikto scanner available.

You're welcome.

> 1. Although the Nikto output tells you that is has found x number of
> errors and x items were listed, it seems impossible to identify what
> qualifies as an error and what does not. I've also looked at other formats
> such as csv and html and am still confused. I would like to be able to
> parse the output and highlight the errors to differentiate them from the
> rest of the informational stuff.

The errors are actually going to be transport type errors--timeouts, etc.
You can use the "-D E" option to show errors which happen during a scan.

> 2. Is it possible to output csv or html or even xlm to stdout? In order to
> automate things a bit, I'm calling Nikto from a script and I require to be
> able to take the return output from stdout in the appropriate format and do
> something with it. Saving to a file is a problem and rather messy when
> multiple scans against different hosts are scheduled.

Yes, just use something like this: "-F cs -o -"  The dash specifies it
should go to STDOUT. You need to use -F to specify the format since it
can't be derived from the file name.



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