[Nikto-discuss] What is an error

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Thu Apr 26 06:41:46 CDT 2012


I'm new to the list. In fact I thought these types of lists were now 
obsolete as most organizations now use web based internet forums, yet 
here we are! This takes me back a few years.

First let me say thank you for making the Nikto scanner available.

I have downloaded it an have it working successfully. I have even 
managed to get it working from Nessus. However, I do have a couple of 
issues that I would like to ask for assistance with:

1. Although the Nikto output tells you that is has found x number of 
errors and x items were listed, it seems impossible to identify what 
qualifies as an error and what does not. I've also looked at other 
formats such as csv and html and am still confused. I would like to be 
able to parse the output and highlight the errors to differentiate them 
from the rest of the informational stuff.

2. Is it possible to output csv or html or even xlm to stdout? In order 
to automate things a bit, I'm calling Nikto from a script and I require 
to be able to take the return output from stdout in the appropriate 
format and do something with it. Saving to a file is a problem and 
rather messy when multiple scans against different hosts are scheduled.


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