[Nikto-discuss] Help Fixing a Bug

dave at cirt.net dave at cirt.net
Thu Aug 5 10:54:53 CDT 2010

Quoting Gaurang Shukla <gau.29486 at gmail.com>:
>   I have a perl script which runs nitko every night on my network and
> updates the results to a database. I have created a cronjob for the purpose.
> But it seems to be having problems with the Bug 515871  - Nikto broken
> package.

After doing some digging - you're running the packaged version of  
Nikto 2.03 on Fedora?

First off, 2.03 is a few years old and many things have changed since  
then. The current stable version is 2.1.2, it may be worth getting the  
Fedora guys to repackage it.

>   I get the following error:
> - ERROR: Unable to open config file 'config.txt' (No such file or
> directory), only 1 CGI directory defined.

This error means that it cannot find the configuration file  
(config.txt). Which Nikto 2.03 expected to be in the current directory.

I don't actually have a copy of Nikto 2.03 to check on, but there  
should be a line in the first few lines of nikto.pl which points to  
where the config.txt file should be. It'll be something like:

$NIKTO{'configfile'} = "config.txt";

Then, in the configfile you should see lines like:

If you uncomment this and alter it to the parent location of the  
plugins directory, then all should be spanky.

I would seriously advise updating to 2.1.2, as lots of new things have  
been added.

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