[Nikto-discuss] Plugins with SQLite

security curmudgeon jericho at attrition.org
Thu Sep 11 17:29:05 UTC 2008

: I have a version of nikto on my dev box ready to svn up, which uses 
: SQLite for the database backend. At the moment I have only one database 
: moved into the format: that is for the httpoptions plugin.
: Cons:
: * Dependancy on SQLite and DBD::Sqlite
: I chose SQLite as it was small, fast and complete, allowing simple file  
: distribution.

: Any thoughts or comments before I commit or scrap this work?

As a consultant, this would be extremely annoying and possibly force me 
to look for another solution. For remote scans from my own box, this 
wouldn't be that big an issue (other than a general dislike for adding 
a lot more software for the same functionality we've enjoyed).

If I am on a client site, or working on a quick build laptop, or using the 
client's hardware (somewhat rare, but definitely happens), this may be a 
show stopper.

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