[Dataloss] Fringe: Free credit monitoring for the masses

Henry Brown hbrown at knology.net
Wed Jun 18 10:55:08 UTC 2008


Company offers to monitor credit record for free

Richard Burnett | Sentinel Staff Writer
   June 17, 2008

In an unprecedented legal deal, one of the nation's major credit 
reporting companies has agreed to offer free credit monitoring service 
to potentially hundreds of millions of U.S. consumers.

TransUnion LLC launched the offer Monday as part of settling a 
10-year-old class-action lawsuit that accused the company of improperly 
selling targeted consumer-data lists to other companies for unsolicited 
marketing activity. The company also agreed to pay $75 million into a 
settlement fund. It is the largest consumer-related class action 
settlement on record in the U.S., experts say.


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