[Dataloss] stolen laptop in Irving Tx in March

Henry Brown hbrown at knology.net
Sun Jun 15 19:22:33 UTC 2008

from a copy of the "required" letter sent to the New Hampshire Attorney 


Date May 23

R.E. Moulton is a leader in the medical stop-loss insurance industry and 
the stop-loss insurance products administered by it are available 
nation-wide. We are writing to inform you of an incident involving the 
possible disclosure of personal information. Specifically, on or around 
March 7,2008, thieves broke into our Irving, Texas regional office and 
stole a laptop computer containing personally identifiable information 
of numerous individuals, including names in combination with social 
security numbers. A police report was filed and the police are actively 
investigating this crime.

Personal information was on the stolen laptop because R.E. Moulton 
receives requests to provide quotes for stop-loss insurance coverage. 
Approximately 19,000 individuals were affected, although there may be 
duplicates on our master list; this means that the list of affected 
individuals may be smaller. At this time, we are unable to determine the 
number of New Hampshire residents, if any, who will be notified of this 
incident because the information maintained on the laptop did not 
include addresses, but we will provide a list at a later date if we find 
that New Hampshire residents were affected.

Letters will be sent to these individuals as soon as we receive their 
addresses from their employers or the third parties
who arranged for the insurance quotes. Those employers and third parties 
were notified of this incident during the week of May 5, 2008 and are 
currently collecting the needed addresses. Depending on the length of 
time needed to collect addresses, we hope to start sending letters to 
the affected individuals in June.

Please know thaI we have taken this incident very seriously. While we do 
not anticipate that any of the information will be used for unauthorized 
or malicious purposes, to help those whose information was involved, we 
have engaged

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