[Dataloss] (update): UT: Lawsuit filed over stolen medical records

lyger lyger at attrition.org
Sun Jun 15 04:56:31 UTC 2008


A proposed class-action lawsuit has been filed over the stolen billing 
records of 2.2 million University of Utah Hospital and Clinics patients. 
U. patient Patrick M. Beamish claims a courier for Perpetual Storage Inc. 
acted negligently in transporting the records, resulting in their theft 
and putting millions of people at "significant risk" of identity theft, 
according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday. The complaint seeks class-action 
status, which would need approval by a judge.

"Our main interest is making sure everyone is protected," said Karra J. 
Porter, of the Salt Lake firm Christensen & Jensen. "This isn't a money 
maker for us. Protection is the key concern."


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