[99.06.22]  [keebler elves]         Earth Observing System Data and Information System (observer.gsfc.nasa.gov)
[99.06.23]  [keebler elves]         HHS, National Cancer Institute, NIH (www.5aday.gov)
[99.06.24]  [keebler elves]         Argonne National Labs Libraries (www.library.anl.gov)
[99.06.24]  [keebler elves]         Monmouth Army Base (www.monmouth.army.mil)
[99.06.24]  [keebler elves]         National Laboratory Animal Breeding and Research Center, Taiwan (www.nlac.gov.tw)
[99.06.25]  [keebler elves]         Department of Education (www.ed.gov)
[99.06.26]  [keebler elves]         Microgravity Research Program NASA (microgravity.nasa.gov)
[99.06.26]  [keebler elves]         Bell Microsystems (www.bell-microsystems.com)
[99.06.26]  [keebler elves]         CNIC Net (www.cnic.net)
[99.06.26]  [keebler elves]         Petstore (www.petstore.com)
[99.06.26]  [keebler elves]       B Heritage Bank (www.heritagebank.com)
[99.06.27]  [keebler elves]         NASA ADP Consolidation Center (www.nacc.nasa.gov)
[99.06.29]  [keebler elves]         NOAA Storm Prediction Center (www.spc.noaa.gov)
[99.06.30]  [keebler elves]         Bureau of Reclamation, Rio Grande Operations (www.aao.uc.usbr.gov)
[99.06.30]  [keebler elves]         Bureau of Reclamation, Upper Colorado Region (www.uc.usbr.gov)
[99.07.05]  [keebler elves]         (wr) USGS (www.wr.usgs.gov)
[99.07.06]  [keebler elves]         Oak Net (www.oak.net)
[99.07.13]  [keebler elves]         Navy Afloat Training Group, Western Pacific (www.atgwp.navy.mil)
[99.07.13]  [keebler elves]         Naval Defense Information Technology Center, Japan (www.yokipc.navy.mil)
[99.07.19]  [keebler elves]         Santa (www.santa.com)
[99.07.21]  [keebler elves]         Virgin Records (www.virginrecords.com)
[99.07.25]  [keebler elves]         Big Fish Records (www.bigfish.com)
[99.07.25]  [keebler elves]         Drugs.com (www.drugs.com)
[99.07.25]  [keebler elves]         Internet Broadcasting Corp (www.infocenter.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         3 Tenors '98 (www.3tenors98.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Atlantic 50th (www.atlantic50th.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Bif Naked Official Site (www.bifnaked.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Big Wreck Official Site (www.bigwreck.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Gipsy Kings Official Site (www.gipsykings.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Jewel Official Site) (www.jewel-web.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Led Zeppelin Official Site (www.ledzep.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Stone Temple Pilots Official Site (www.stonetemplepilots.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Sugar Ray Official Site (www.sugar-ray.com)
[99.07.26]  [keebler elves]         Trick Daddy Official Site (www.thug.com)
[99.08.01]    [keebler elves]        Ministry of Youth and Sport (MY) (www.kbs.gov.my)
[99.08.04] So [keebler elves]        Teens Land (www.teensland.com)
[99.11.03] NT [keebler elves]        City of North Vancouver (www.cnv.org)
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[99.11.06] NT [keebler elves]        The British Army (www.army.mod.uk)
[99.11.06] NT [keebler elves]        U.S. European Command (www.eucom.mil)
Total Defacements:  40