Barry Schlossberg, aka Gary Bresslin, aka "Lou Cipher"

This colorful character appeared in the news years back in 1999, seemingly out of nowhere. Other than a handful of articles and a seemingly tenuous connection to Winn Schwartau, Barry Schlossberg was, and remains, largely unknown. In the ten years since his brief dance with fame, his stories remained completely unverified by us. In August of 2011, Schlossberg contacted us, threatened us, and refuted some of the original claims.

Corporate Vigilante

The CD Universe Saga

Corporation Confusion

Other Warning Signs

Schlossberg Threatens

More Emails from Schlossberg

Final Thoughts

This is one of many cases where we wish we could publish everything we have been told. Over the years, we have been contacted about Schlossberg, and we have reached out to other individuals we learned were involved with him. These sources independently told us that they performed work for Schlossberg / sNet and never received payment. Two sources describe him as "a sociopath". We have had one source repeatedly claim that they live in fear of Schlossberg, worried about some level of physical violence that would happen if they spoke about certain topics. We have heard wild tales, that we have not verified, of him pulling guns on "friends", not paying taxes, hacking companies to solicit their business and running a company with deep ties to the Israeli mob. Schlossberg denies all of these allegations except one, noting "Israeli military is appropriate", not "Israeli mob".

Schlossberg claims that he has never performed a vigilante act as described in the news articles, making the legend of 'Lou Cipher' just that: pure legend. The only thing we are certain of is that the events surrounding him are complex and difficult to get details on.

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