AntiOnline Features

[Despite what AntiOnline may say, their list of features is far from
 impressive when you begin to examine them in depth. All of 'this' from 
 a company with 75K err.. 500K of venture capital backing?! Hobbyist news
 sites are staying more up to date than this.]

So now you know a little bit about who we are and what we ask of our
users.  Now, what can you expect from us?  AntiOnline provides more computer security
related content and services than virtually any other website out there.  Unlike some
other websites, all of our content is provided free of charge to our users.  Here's a short
list of some of AntiOnline's key features:

A program archive with the latest exploits and patches.

[See our section on AntiCode.]

A text archive with a little something for everybody.

A search engine that catalogues tens of thousands of websites.

[See our section on AntiSearch.]

Computer security related news seen EXCLUSIVELY on AntiOnline.

[See our report on 'exclusive' news.]

Weekly product reviews and quick tips.

Special reports on some of today's hottest issues.

[See our section on some of the 'special' reports like 'Hacker Profiler'.]

User feedback and questions in our weekly MailBag.