Antionline/AntiSearch "your portal into the world of hackers and information security"?



JP's search engine extensively harvested through the web pages yanking 
down URLs (and it appears content). Some time in the last few weeks, AntiSearch
stop reporting back any URL that linked to Attrition (or Genocide2600). Attrition 
maintains one of the largest mirrors of hacked web sites, the largest security advisory 
library we can find, and a comprehensive and detailed Denial of Service database. 
Attrition also maintains a 100+ meg text archive of hacking/phreaking text files, as
well as a 60+ meg Crypto Archive. Genocide2600 maintains one of the largest and most
comprehensive security/hacker tool archive, with complete descriptions, local mirrors,
links to other security pages and more. With sites such as these being REMOVED from 
his search engine, it makes you wonder why. At one point, AntiSearch was sending over
one thousand people to attrition to meet their search demands. I'd say that is 
a good sign we had material they wanted. How can a search engine ignore sites like
this and still claim to be comprehensive?

Lets experiment by visiting

What are you looking for info on?        attrition
Detailed results			 (check)
Search for key words only in:		 URLs

Searching for "attrition" found 0 pages. 

The same search looking for Genocide2600's site?
Searching for "genocide2600" found 0 pages. 

To verify our search technique is valid:
Searching for "infowar" found 1168 pages and returned 1 through 10. 


The logs. 

Searching the ATTRITION web access logs, we see AntiOnline has been
quite dependent on our sites. Yet at no point does JP or AntiOnline
ever credit the sites. 

Searching for "AntiBot" (AntiOnline's spider that archives. It leaves
a web log foot print of ' "Phantom/2.1 AntiBot"'):

Dates             Hits*           File
~~~~~             ~~~~~           ~~~~
March 99	  4265		  588387 May  3 15:17 antibot.99-03
April 99          3303            446176 May  3 15:35 antibot.99-04
Nov 98 - Feb 99   4677            610622 May  3 15:55 antibot.99-98

Searching for "AntiSearch". This shows how many people were given 'attrition'
URLs as a result to their search criteria:

Dates             Hits*           File
~~~~~             ~~~~~           ~~~~
March 99          1941            417318 May  3 15:47 antisearch.99-03
April 99          1048            225399 May  3 15:43 antisearch.99-04
Nov 98 - Feb 99    549            114883 May  3 15:59 antisearch.99-98

Searching for "sgi\.net" (JP's ISP), we see that in the last month, his
ISP has accessed us more, while corresponding hits from Antionline have

Dates             Hits*           File
~~~~~             ~~~~~           ~~~~
March 99           110             19489 May  3 15:28 sginet.99-03
April 99           170             30854 May  3 15:40 sginet.99-04
Nov 98 - Feb 99     13              2553 May  3 15:58 sginet.99-98

Hits were determined by doing a count for how many lines are in the file.
Web logs are done so each hit is logged to a single line.

forced /home/web/errata/a# wc -l *
   4265 antibot.99-03
   3303 antibot.99-04
   4677 antibot.99-98
    363 antionl.99-03
    306 antionl.99-04
    347 antionl.99-98
   1941 antisearch.99-03
   1048 antisearch.99-04
    549 antisearch.99-98
    110 sginet.99-03
    170 sginet.99-04
     13 sginet.99-98
  17092 total
forced /home/web/errata/a#