Ms. Meinel decided she had to have her word in recent events. Rather
than mailing me, she decided to latch onto a new journalist and 
convince her of my evil deeds. Ms. Sprenger was nice enough to
send the reply to me, and intelligent enough to duck out of the

I'm calling this reply "11 points of hypocrisy".

From: Polly Sprenger (
To: Carolyn Meinel (
Date: Tue, 08 Jun 1999 12:01:06 -0700
Subject: Re: Brian Martin's fantasy world

I figure I'd better stay out of this one and let the three of you discuss
it amongst yourselves, so I'm forwarding your e-mail to Brian Martin. You
can contact him directly in future by e-mailing

Polly Sprenger

At 12:30 PM 6/8/99 -0600, Carolyn Meinel wrote:
>I was amazed that Polly Sprenger considered one of Brian Martin's
>fantasies to be worthy of a news story.  If you browse through the rest
>of his web site, you will see that its contents deserve a
>Hugo Award nomination for fantasy and science fiction.  OK, full

[Hypocrisy #1: Meinel calls Attrition a fantasy world.
Lets look carefully at two wonderful pieces of mail from Meinel.
Conspiracy fantasy #1
In this one, Meinel suggests that we are working with ex-FEMA employees
to overthrow the presidency (among other things).

Conspiracy fantasy #2
In this fantasy, we are apparently involved in a plot to "round up
and detain several tens of thousands of Central Americans resident 
in the US in the event of an invasion of Nicaragua.

>disclosure time, I happen to be one of the major obsessions of Martin's
>fantasy site.  Fortunately, until Sprenger fell for him, no reporter has

[Hypocrisy #2: She continues to call the 'Shame' site an obsession,
yet doesn't realize that one hour a week doesn't constitute obsession. 
This comes from the same lady that has spent years investigating
my past, harassing ex roomates, stalking me during her visits to 
Phoenix to check up on me, and more. Oh, and I shouldn't forget to
mention her hours of research for writing about me in her various
books either. Who's obsessed?]

>been suckered into writing a story based on Martin's fanciful
>accusations against any of his obsessions.

[Hypocrisy #3: Meinel has "suckered" Scientific American into
publishing her drivel under the guise of a "security expert".]

>Besides Martin, Sprenger did cite a supporting quote from some character
>calling himself "Space Rogue."  Oh, yes, verrryyyy authoritative
>sounding source.  Space Rogue happens to run a web site,

[Hypocrisy #4: Like his name or not, he is still better qualified
to speak on security and hackers than Meinel or JP. This goes back 
to personal attacks when they fail to find fault in any REAL issue.
I don't know about you, but anyone called to testify in front of the
senate, regardless of the name or handle probably has technical
qualifications that outshine hers.]

>, that is  a limp competitor of Vranesevich's
>  And a major advertiser on is Martin's
> web site.  Sounds like just another case of businesses
>trying to play dirty pool against a competitor.  What is unusual is

[Hypocrisy #5: Some of us know what "non profit" REALLY 
means. Attrition is currently 120 dollars "in the hole". Attrition has not
generated ANY income to date, and has not tried. We are not a business.
Lets look at that 'non profit' .. the one that DOES turn
a profit from book sales and advertising from other companies.]

>Sprenger agreeing to be the patsy in a deceitful attempt to damage a
>competing business.

[Hypocrisy #6: Unlike Meinel, Sprenger made the effort to talk
to BOTH sides in her article. New concept to Meinel who makes NO effort
to contact the people she libels and slanders.]

>What is most amazing, however, is that itself has carried a
>story about another media hoax of which Brian Martin had knowledge, but

[Hypocrisy #7: Wired has also published numerious articles referencing
Meinel and RT66, continually showing favoritism and letting them
throw cheap shots at their enemies. Not once did Wired bother to
get both sides on those stories.]

>In that Wired article, Martin admitted that his roommate Se7en had

[Errata: se7en was not my roomate, and I have never called
him that. He slept on my couch for two months while he was without home.]

>fabricated his mediagenic stories of hacking kiddy porn computers. It
>looks to me as if Martin only tells the truth when it happens to suit
>his latest obsession.

[Hypocrisy #8: I told the truth WHEN asked. More than Meinel
has EVER done. I had suspicions before it became public knowledge, but 
did not run to the media as Meinel is fond of doing. They came to me
when THEY were ready and asked questions.]

>Maybe it's time gets the picture -- Martin and his buddies lie
>like rugs.  But what do you expect of an organization --,

[Hypocrisy #9: For the 7083rd time, notice Meinel will never
show proof of her claims? Where do we lie? Unlike Meinel and JP, we back
everything we say with what lead us to our conclusions. Something Meinel has
refused to do since day one. EVERY single claim has been unfounded.]

>whose Web site carries instructions on how to shoplift without getting
>caught?  I'd give you the URL, but the name of that file is obscene.

[Hypocrisy #10: Obscene? Maybe. This is the same zine that Meinel
has repeatedly complimented me on, and even SUBMITTED work to be released.
However, her lack of writing skills lead to her piece being rejected.]

[Hypocrisy #11: Meinel's minions that help run the
IRC server and more (known as TGOD), have some interesting material up
for their young readers. Teaching them about methods used to defraud the 
phone company and avoid being caught by law enforcement while hacking
illegally isn't exactly a pristine message. The shoplifting article in
question was writtin in 1993 by 'max headroom'. The TGOD article? Written
in the last year. Unfortunately, is down or I would provide
the link.]