taki (aka "teh moopster") and fuzz (aka "teh jackster")

(i'm on daddy's 'puter, readin' teh emailz)


this is why she's called "taki"

first crash in the new pad

food, milk, and drugs

hulking out


first couch crash

zzzz.... shhhh...

on the floor with
bebeh and foof

snugging with bebeh and foof

loving bebeh, killing foof

blurry profile

touch... remote...
and... die

they used to be toys

the death of
bebeh and foof

not digging the new pad

starting to dig the new pad

ok, digging the new pad..

totally digging
the new pad

i owe dad BIG

retarded moop lickies

more retarded moop lickies

blankie crash pr0n

pwning the table

pwning the table...

taki and fetch ball

taki and fetch ball
with foof tail

snuggling with UB shroom

more UB shroom time

moop got teh fat

wtf iz up j00r azz y0

moop cam

taki cam (other pic)

lurvin teh holidaze

cam whore

hiding from strangers

zzzzzttt... laser stare

don't even ask how she did it...

death from above


you can't see meh...

still cain't see meh...

cave kittah killz toyz

watching Chappelle's Show

yet another bitch moment

daddy, what's that thing in your hand?

taki foodz (sleep well okra)

fuzz pwnz teh bed

taki hunkers down

fuzz hunkers down

nice lamp (heat vision)

pre-plastic fuzz

post-plastic fuzz

stretched out, fuzzy is literally three feet long
from front paw to back paw

fuzz, the 'paragus eating cat

this isn't a joke... fuzz's favorite snack is asparagus.
also likes green beans, the little hippie

taki hates cutler. die.

sharing the window (fuzz has plans)

laptop thief... busted!

fuzzy wtf

taki WTMFF

bad fur day

lernin to reed

fuzz gettin ideaz

anything you can do...

... i can do better.

porch time

hiding from strangers

she's not sleeping...

fuzz has a new shirt (not XXXL)

taki pwns lazlo

unimpressed fuzz

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