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Friday, February 08, 2008

It's All The Same

Oh, yeah… I got a box of shit from Jericho too. Now, I don’t have a fancy nancy-boy iPhone like some of the other crackheads around here so I was slow in getting some pictures taken (with a CAMERA, remember those thingys?), but at least I CAN reboot forced from my Blackberry.

or at least rm /etc *cough*

Much like d2d, I received a “box ‘o’ pleasure” containing condoms, bottle caps (I got the other 28), and a 50-foot phone cord. Also included was a dusty and crusty Sony stereo system remote (sans batteries), which coupled with d2d's DVD remote scoring bonanza, indicates that SOMEONE must have purchased a new home entertainment system recently. Hey, if you’re working the corner on Colfax all day, you gotta spend it somewhere, right?

And not just the remote and SCENTED condoms (seriously, folks, who besides d2d goes around sniffing condoms?), but Harry Potter Bertie Bott’s Beans with flavors like “booger”, “ear wax”, “rotten egg”, and “vomit”. I so win at life.

But one special touch… for a guy who quite possibly has the worst memory in the history of the planet, he can remember not only other people's birthdays but also other people’s favorite photographers. Thanks, assclown. :)

(P.S. my apologies for not using the words “fuck”, “fucking”, or “fucker” in the post above. i clearly fucking failed to fucking meet d2d's fucking posting standards. fuck.)

posted by Lyger | 3:03 PM

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