forsaken, lest my gods roam
        todays scorn mixed with yesteryear shame

        igh nah sergaht
           nith ra tu ze dah'
              - and my shame runs deep

        lonely tear flees from mine eye
        crashes down onto a denim knee
        finally caught in my only lie
        blind reading of a history i didn't see

        muinq'elare' de solarith
           se' pah sempre ilrah
              - for guilt is a ruling passion

        eighty two decades in one stay
        long nights in an otherwise short life
        a world rapidly on the downward spiral
        another last chance to right my wrong

        az de larr telorono 'cha
           min ara'stuhl to endenare'
              - to kill the sadness

        one trespass into restricted thinking
        to flesh out the pain we feel
        the solitude we want, we demand
        irony splashes off our reality again

        with pain
        one is undone
        and attrition is my name