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While guinea pigs are relatively easy to take care of, many owners don't know much about it. Proper care involves adequate clean cage space, fresh hay and vegetables every day. Even when owners can't provide that level of basic care, many surrender the piggies to a shelter or unload them via sites like Craigslist. Guinea pigs are not good pets for kids, despite popular conception and despite what pet stores tell you. When kids get tired of guinea pigs after a few months, they invariably get ushered out of the house in favor of a cat, dog or more human spawn.

On August 18, 2007, Kay and I adopted a guinea pig named Snickers. When visiting the shelter, we saw that she wasn't in the best of shape. It was also clear that she not going to be adopted by anyone given her appearance, and the low rate of guinea pig adoptions from shelters. She only enjoyed three wonderful weeks with us before her health complications caught up with her. Her adoption lead to a what is now a new tradition of rescuing guinea pigs as space permits.

After the adoption of Snickers, the herd grew to be as large as eight piggies (the most their habitat comfortably supported). They were an active bunch who got to be free range piggies and roam the living room on a near weekly basis. Much to their dismay, some of them need bathing which makes everyone else in the room happy.

In 2015, the last of the piggies moved on. With their passing, I opted not to rescue any more myself, rather to turn my focus on helping Cavy Care, and other animal rescue/rehab facilities, more than I had been previously.

Previous Pigs

About: Our guinea pigs live in a custom "C & C cage" built into two adjoining Wide 5-Tier Wire Shelves. Each floor is made of a coroplast base (with sides) for easy removal and cleaning. Rubber coated wooden ramps allow easy access between the levels. One set of outdoor wire lights provide subdued lightning on evenings when they are not in the play pen. Detailed pictures of the mansion are available. The play pen is built from three collapsable MidWest Homes for Pets' Small Pet Playpen fences surrounding beach towels. Our guinea pigs get annual examinations and treatment from Dr. Sharyn Esposito at the Aurora Animal + Hospital, a superior Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), referred by the excellent Cavy Care Inc. Guinea Pig Shelter & Sanctuary, who I support with yearly financial and material donations.

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