Widely circulated and later confirmed, this letter from "cyber-security" adviser Richard Clarke was sent out to all department heads.

From:  Richard Clarke
To: All ISAC's

With the completion of the National Strategy to Secure Cyberspace and
the stand up of the Department of Homeland Security, it is a good
juncture for me to end my 11 years in the White House.  I have,
therefore, sent a letter of resignation to the President.

The events of the last weekend demonstrate yet again how vulnerable our
society is to cyberspace attacks.  The Sapphire Worm was essentially a
dumb worm that was easily and cheaply made.  It attacked only one
vulnerability on one piece of software from one vendor for one type of
machine. Moreover, that vulnerability was one for which a patch had
been available for many months. Nonetheless, the results of the worm
were significant.  It spread to hundreds of thousands of machines in less
than 15 minutes.  It disabled some root servers, the heart of internet
traffic.  Although it was aimed at servers, it caused routers to flop
and cease to function.  Some airline flights were delayed or cancelled.
Some banking functions ceased.  A national election/referendum in
Canada was canceled.  Workers were sent home at some major US companies.

With slight modifications, the results of the worm would have been more
significant.  More sophisticated attacks against known vulnerabilities
in cyberspace could be devastating.  As long as we have vulnerabilities
in cyberspace and as long as America has enemies, we are at risk of the
two coming together to severely damage our great country.  We can not
assume that the past level of damage is in any way indicative of what
could happen in the future.

Therefore, it is essential to the health of the nation 's economy and
the security of the country that we aggressively implement the National
Strategy to Secure Cyberspace.  It can not be the job of the Department
of Homeland Security alone.  Every major Federal agency has a role.
White House leadership will remain essential.  Congressional attention,
support, and oversight must continue.  Active partnership with and by
the Private Sector will be crucial.

I have enjoyed working with you to raise awareness about terrorism and
more recently about cyberspace security.  Thirty years after beginning
federal service, I hope now to learn how to contribute to these issues
as a private citizen.  I hope we can stay in touch.

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