Reassembling the Para Ordnance P-14 .45 ACP

Note that this is the reassembly that I do following standard cleaning for everyday use.

Before starting this, read the Preparation page!

Insert the barrel into the slide as shown here. Note that the slide stop link is tilted forward.

Next, insert the spring assembly.

Note that the spring assembly end is semi-horseshoe shaped. The "ends" of the "horseshoe" should point downward, toward the barrel.

Once the barrel and spring assembly are properly set, turn the slide right-side up and slide it onto the body of the gun as shown here.

Make sure the slide stop clearance notch is lined up with the slide stop opening (circled in red here) on the left side of the gun.

Hold the gun up to a light source and make sure the barrel link is lined up with the slide stop pin hole (see red arrow here). You can use a pen point to help align the side hole with the link hole.

Once the side hole and the link hole are aligned, insert the slide stop pin into the opening.

Gently seat the slide stop into the opening. Apply firm, but gentle pressure. Do not force the slide pin if you encounter any resistance. If you force it, you run the risk of bending the pin and damaging your firearm!

The pin will seat into the opening with an audible click.

Once the slide stop is seated, slide the bushing onto the barrel and insert the bushing into the slide body.

Like so.

Once the bushing is in place, turn it 90 degrees the opposite direction to lock it into the slide body.

Pull the slide forward to its normal position.

Place the spring plug on the end of the spring...

...and press it into the slide far enough that you can rotate the bushing.

Once you have the slide plug pushed in far enough, rotate the bushing so that it locks the slide plug in place.

Work the action of the firearm to see how it feels. If the gun's action does not feel right or does not work properly, refer back to the disassembly instructions and take the gun apart again. Reassemble until the gun's action works properly. Never use a gun if you have any reason to believe it will malfunction!

Finish up by polishing the firearm with a silicone rag. This will give the gun an extra shine and help prevent rust.

Wash your hands! You've just been handling toxic solvents, oils, and have been in close contact with lead, gunpowder residue, and a number of other contaminants which can cause bodily and reproductive harm. Do NOT skip this step! More importantly, perform this step whenever you happen to take a break from cleaning your guns. Do not handle tobacco, food, drink or even rub your eyes until you do this step!
Congratulations! You're now ready to use your newly-cleaned and reassembled firearm. Have fun and be safe!

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