Disassembling the Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum

Note that this is not technically "disassembling." A later version of this tutorial will go into disassembly of the trigger and hammer assembly. For now, this section is primarily firearm preparation for cleaning with respect to everyday use. Full disassembly and cleaning is recommended at least once a month for firearms that are utilized often (as mine are).

Before starting this, read the Preparation page!

While the cylinder is in the locked-closed position, keep your finger OFF the trigger and the barrel pointed in a safe direction. Treat any firearm as loaded, even if you believe in your heart-of-hearts that it is unloaded.

Press the cylinder release button and disengage the cylinder. Roll out the cylinder into the open position, as demonstrated here.

Visually inspect the chambers to be sure that the firearm is unloaded. If any ammunition is present in the chambers of the cylinder, remove the ammunition from the firearm and move it outside of the cleaning area. Ammunition should never be present when you are cleaning your firearm!

Manually inspect the chambers to be sure that the firearm is unloaded. Press in the ejector rod (as shown here), just to be on the safe side.

We are now ready to proceed with cleaning the firearm.