Yesterday (July 18, 2001), a Brazilian defacing group known as "Demoniados.Br" compromised and defaced a machine on UpsideToday's network. The machine "" suggests that e-commerce service or information could have been disrupted or compromised as a result of the defacement. Many in the computer industry know as the web site of the Upside magazine which covers business and technology in their monthly publication. As with any compromise of a news resource, questions arise as to the extent of the damage and the possibility that news was altered. These types of attacks are known as Subversion of Information (SoI) attacks and represent a true threat of web defacement. There is no indication of such an attack occured on the site.

A mirror of the defacement can be found on the site:

More about (


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UPSIDETODAY, a subsidiary of Upside Media, is a high-tech news site updated frequently throughout the day and night.'s reporters, editors and columnists cover all aspects of the tech sector, including the stock markets, e-commerce, hardware and software, telecommunications, digital entertainment and the media.

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