Technotronic defaced

Mon, 10 Dec 2001 00:27:26 -0700 (MST)

The last few weeks have seen a small increase of security based web sites being defaced, Technotronic being one of the latest. For those who saw the defacement you no doubt read BL4F's mini rant that blasted security sites and further claimed of backdoors.

What users did not see is that Technotronic wasn't quite itself. Instead of being the box that Vac poured countless hours of his time into, BL4F hit the domain while it was in transition. The domain was being transferred to a new host and was currently pointed to the ISP which is doing temporary hosting. Those looking at the IP instead of domain name would have seen this.

BL4F posted on the defacement:

Security is a complete myth online, not even a "respected" security site as this can keep it tight.

This offhanded comment alone may prompt me to write further about security sites being defaced. In particular, free sites run in the spare time of the people who maintain them. Needless to say, taking cheap shots at the sites thousands of security enthusiasts (professional or otherwise) utilize on a daily basis is just lame.

Mirror URL:

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