TASC Defaced

Wed, 26 Dec 2001 12:45:26 -0500 (EST)

Earlier this morning, one of the TASC web sites was compromised and defaced by Crookies, and gave a birthday greeting to EvilByte. This defacement is ironic due to TASC's security group and consulting.

Mirror: http://www.safemode.org/mirror/2001/12/26/www.fwb.tasc.com/

About TASC:


For decades, TASC has been a leading provider of Enterprise Security solutions to national security clients, having protected some of the most sensitive information and programs in the US government. Today, we leverage this experience to offer proven solutions for a wide range of customers.

America's growing dependencies on networked information systems, together with their vulnerability to both cyber and physical attack, underscore the need for enterprises to manage their risks and protect their critical assets. To meet these challenges, TASC has developed tailored, scalable solutions that encompass the best commercial and government practices and tools. Our customers benefit from this synergy and achieve risk-managed security at an affordable price.

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