Tue Oct 23 21:17:05 MDT 2001

[As this is posted, www.securitynewsportal.com is currently defaced. The text of the defacement is below. Despite being signed by Kim Schmitz, I doubt he has the skill or ambition for such a defacement. - jericho]

-- defacement text --

Hello, world!

SECURITYNEWSPORTAL is temporarily down. We'd like to take this time to talk to you about some things.

There exists a cancer in the security community right now, and that cancer exists in individuals and groups who could be classified as scenewhores. These parties attempt to profit off the security community, without actually being a part of it.

For instance, SECURITYNEWSPORTAL.COM. This site was hacked/cracked/rooted/whatever with the ssh1/crc32 exploit. Sure, SNP staff, call us scriptkids. We won't argue that. But, what does it make you? Your server has been vulnerable to a bug that has been known of since February. You've built a popular "security" site (although, the truth is its complete garbage, but the masses don't realize that, hopefully they will start to now). Maybe if this weren't a "security" site, they would have an excuse for this compromise, but lets be realistic -- there is no reason for anything "security" related to be compromised by an eight-month old bug. And, especially after all the current discussion about the bug in "security" forums.

SECURITYNEWSPORTAL.COM makes money off their website. They encourage the actions of scriptkids. They encourage defacements. Why shouldn't they? They make money off their actions. SECURITYNEWSPORTAL.COM is more about insecurity than security; their business prospers. We are looking forward to hearing them bitch about this incident. Hypocrites.

Why do companies choose to advertise with an organization like SECURITYNEWSPORTAL.COM? Advertising with them supports them, why do you support them? Are you aware of what you're supporting? The people who run SNP are _NOT_ hackers, they do _NOT_ possess any knowledge pertinant to computer security; why is your money with them? Why don't you donate to organizations that do _REAL_ security research? Why not invest your money somewhere better?

The era of security scenewhores is about to end. Well, not all scenewhores, just the ones who attempt to exploit the security scene for their own personal profit. SNP staff -- instead of trying to refute the claims against you, why don't you spend some time learning computer security? That'd be the intelligent thing to do. You probably want to get your capitalist machine up and running again though, don't you?

Everyone, please think of what we have said here. To the public, please take the time and ponder how "security minded" the staff of SECURITYNEWSPORTAL.COM are. Remember, this site was comprimised by an eight-month old bug. Sure, they'll bitch and moan about being the victim of some scriptkid, but what are they really saying? "We're too lame to understand the security advisories we mirror", or "We don't have the time to maintain security on this machine; all our time is invested in running this magnificent website", or even try to claim that it was a different vulnerability? To all who are advertising here, can you _PLEASE_ at least consider what you are supporting? You aren't supporting the security industry, the traffic you recieve back is from a "kiddie" population (anyone who frequents this site and thinks its worthwhile is either entirely ignorant of security matters, or a kiddie of some sort). It shouldn't be too hard to find more profitable and worthwhile ventures.

Incidently, if you're a real hacker, and looking to do some good for the world, please come to irc.booze.de/#yihat and speak with us. We're always looking to recruit new talent for our organization.


Kim Schmitz (aka Kimble)
YIHAT Founder / Chief Hacking Officer
www.kill.net + www.kimble.org
+49 89 523520

(Kimble) to all the flamers, yihat will have thousands of members in a few month, be carefull! critics are ok, insults NOT!

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