In their fourth round of 'security' defacements, the group known as PoizonB0x embarassed two more security firms, maybe more.

Secure-Archives by Evolusoft
  Secure-Archives is a service that helps to transform files into digital
  information in order to effectively manage business documents and
  corporate knowledge. It is a revolutionary outsourced solution that is
  highly confidential, secure and easy to implement.
  Offering Internet / Intranet products and services, including:  Physical
  infrastructure supporting the on-going operations of Australian
  Registered Business or Company requirements$ Secure 128 bit encrypted
  data exchange over the internet with client/server certificates for web
  and e-mail security Secure Remote Access Services including Virtual
  Private Networks Real Time Payment processing and shopping cart
  technology for E-Commerce Internet/Intranet Set up and Maintenance of
  Windows NT and Linux Server Platforms Gateway and location provider for
  Co-Housing and Dedicated Servers
Despite being defaced six days ago, Zamudio Data Information Inc's "" site only offers us "Directory Listing Denied".

Even more amusing, J. Baskow and Associates, LTD's "" site remains defaced.

The fifth site hit contained 'security' in the name, but had nothing to do with computer/network security. Secure Care of Iowa:

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