A group known as 'PoizonB0x' defaced it's third string of "security" web sites on June 23, 2001. Their first string of like defacements occured shortly before June 13 included twelve machines. The second string of defacements hit just before June 19 and targeted eleven machines. Like before, the targets each contained the word 'security' in the machine or domain, but didn't necessarily belong to a computer security company.

At the time of this posting, most of the sites remain defaced. A quick search on the Google search engine doesn't yield any information on the domains.

Internet-Secure - "Under Development" currently

(still defaced)

(still defaced)

(not responding)

Secure Care Products, Inc. offers a complete line of radio frequency-based electronic security systems targeted to hospitals, nursing homes, ...

(broken image)

Vsecure Technologies, Inc is a US-based company with Research & Development facilities in Israel. Being aware of the limitations of available Internet security tools and the ever-increasing sophistication of computer hacking techniques, the company is dedicated to the development of next-generation Internet security solutions that will provide an answer to the emerging computer security needs of businesses and organizations.

(still defaced)

Powerful email software by SecureAgent Software -- SecureAgent Software's email software, SecureNotes(TM), is designed to help you feel secure about your important email being safe from uninvited onlookers!. -- SecureNotes(TM) is security software that integrates with your existing e-mail program to provide encryption for e-mail and e-mail attachments. -- SecureNotes(TM) also deletes all archive copies from the server, leaving no trace of the message behind for future retrieval.

Welcome to US Secure Pay, the eCommerce portal to USA Merchant Center. We are please to display on this website the advanced eCommerce toolkits that USA Merchant Center has to offer to you, the merchant, under the US Secure Pay name. -- We also have suited a full section dedicated to developers of 3rd party eCommerce toolkits. Whether you have your own online shopping cart or a piece of software that needs credit card processing capabilities, we can help you.

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