The full list of past Microsoft defacements:

This list may not match previous commentary pieces. It was pointed out that the Microsoft Taiwan site was defaced in January of 2000 which was originally omitted. This skewed the count for many commentary pieces.

#1: (a supposed retired MS server and the first recorded defacement of a Microsoft server) on October 24, 1999

#2: Microsoft Taiwan by Inferno.vr defaced January 5, 2000 (article)

#3: Microsoft Brazil by IZ corp defaced June 3, 2000

#4: The Microsoft Events Server by someone unknown on November 7, 2000

#5 & 6: Microsoft Slovenia (defaced twice) the first time by Furia.BR on December 14, 2000 and the second time by BoLoDoRiO 3 days later

#7: Microsoft New Zealand was defaced by Prime Suspectz on January, 23rd of this year:

#8, 9, 10: Microsoft UK, Microsoft Saudi Arabia and Microsoft Mexico were all defaced on May 3rd, 2001 by Prime Suspectz:

#11: Microsoft's STREAMER server was defaced by Prime Suspectz on May 7th, 2001:

#12: Microsoft Romānia was defaced by Pentaguard on May 17th, 2001:

#13: The MSN Mobile "feeds" server was defaced by Prime Suspectz on June 21st, 2001:

#14: The Microsoft South Africa "interface" server was defaced by the group BlackSun:

#15 & 16: Two Microsoft RTE servers were defaced by the group Prime Suspectz:

#17 & 18: The Windows Update Server was defaced by the 'Code Red' worm:

#19: MSN Careers portal by

#20: Microsoft Saudi Arabia by m0sad team:

#21: Microsoft Research's Social Computing Group by Silver Lords (no mirror available. article:

#22: Advisory group for Microsoft Office Suite by

#23: Microsoft customer support site by Silver Lords

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