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I would like to comment that was defaced many times between Saturday and Wednesday, not only two times. I wrote an article about it, too, but, as you may remeber, my articles are only in Portuguese. But I'd like do explain a little bit more about it.

In fact it was a series of redefacements, but related to a company like Lucent it shouldn't happen, for sure. Safemode has two mirrors, and I have the others. You can see it at:

Saturday (07/21/2001), by Demoniados.Br -

Monday (07/23/2001), by Quarai Hack Force -

Tuesday morning (07/24/2001), by Feltonspray -

(it seems there was another redefacement again by Quarai Hack Force, after Feltonspray redefacement, but I didn't see it)

Tuesday night (07/24/2001), by an unknown person -

Wednesday (07/25/2001), again by Quarai Hack Force -

All the defacements at InfoGuerra's site I saw. Wednesday I called the Lucent's Brazilian Director and he couldn't explain what was happening. He suggested that I should contact US Lucent, so I did it by e-mail, but I haven't any response.

There's another thing. VNUNet says the site runs Netscape-Enterprise on Irix. Well, this is half the truth. What runs this system is . This URL was online and normal all the time (and still is). But, wich was defaced, aparently runs IIS. This URL was defaced one month ago by the sadmind/IIS worm (

In fact, there are two servers, one for, wich is located at Lucent's network, and one for , wich is located at Excel Switching Corporation, bought by Lucent.

I also would like to say that I don't run a mirror site and don't intend to do it. InfoGuerra is a news site, but sometimes, when it's convenient, I take some mirrors. And last, but not least, these commentaries are just for your knowledge and have no other intentions. I respect Attrition's work and just wanted to share some information with you : ).

Best Regards.

Giordani Rodrigues
InfoGuerra's Editor

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