High Profile Foreign Sites
Date: Thu, 30 Nov 2000 02:20:31 -0700 (MST)

What do Lucent, Silicon Graphics, Epson, Borland, NEC, Visa, Nintendo and Nextel have in common? They were all victims of web page defacement this month, mostly by a group calling themselves 'prime suspectz'. The catch? In each case, it wasn't the United States based web server. 'prime suspectz' and other defacers have recently taken on a pattern of going after their slightly lesser known foreign pages. In cases like Silicon Graphics, their own machine running Irix was compromised, leading to more questions about Irix security. Had each of these been the primary/US based server, we no doubt would have seen several news articles about the events.

[00.11.29] [InsanityZine]     Network Associates do Brasil (www.nai.com.br)
[00.11.29] [InsanityZine]     McAfee - Network Associates do Brasil (www.mcafee.com.br)
[00.11.29] [prime suspectz]   Sony Schweiz SA (www.sony.ch)
[00.11.29] [prime suspectz]   Samsung [South Africa] (www.samsung.co.za)
[00.11.28] [prime suspectz]   Bienvenido a HSBC Argentina Holdings SA (www.hsbc.com.ar)
[00.11.26] [prime suspectz]   AT&T Global Network Services Italia (www.att.it)
[00.11.23] [prime suspectz]   NEC Colombia (www.nec.com.co)
[00.11.23] [prime suspectz]   Nintendo Spain (www.nintendo.es)
[00.11.23] [prime suspectz]   NEC do Brasil (www.nec.com.br)
[00.11.22] [prime suspectz]   AIWA (UK) Ltd (www.aiwa.co.uk)
[00.11.21] [CPT]              mercury.sgi.co.kr (mercury.sgi.co.kr)
[00.11.16] [coax]             Korea Silicon Graphics Ltd (www.sgi.co.kr)
[00.11.20] [prime suspectz]   Samsung Electronics Australia PTY LTD (www.samsung.com.au)
[00.11.19] [prime suspectz]   Hitachi Ltd (www.hitachi.dk)
[00.11.19] [prime suspectz]   Nintendo (www.nintendo.nu)
[00.11.18] [prime suspectz]   EPSON DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. (www.epson.com.mx)
[00.11.17] [prime suspectz]   Ericsson Taiwan (www.ericsson.com.tw)
[00.11.16] [coax]             Korea Silicon Graphics Ltd (www.sgi.co.kr)
[00.11.16] [lion]             Sunsoft (PK) (www.sunsoft.com.pk)
[00.11.16] [prime suspectz]   Lucent Technologies (www.lucent.co.uk)
[00.11.11] [prime suspectz]   Borland (CA) (www.borland.ca)
[00.11.10] [prime suspectz]   Ebay Taiwan (www.ebay.com.tw)
[00.11.09] [prime suspectz]   NEC (TW) (www.nec.com.tw)
[00.11.09] [prime suspectz]   Visa International (www.visa.de)
[00.11.08] [prime suspectz]   Nextel Telecomunicacoes (www.nextel.com.br)
[00.11.06] [prime suspectz]   Nintendo (ZA) (www.nintendo.co.za)
[00.11.06] [Prime Suspectz]   Nintendo Mexico (www.nintendo.com.mx)

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