On July 20, 2001, a (presumably) Russian defacer known as 'RyDen' compromised the machine hosting "ethics.org", the "Ethics Resource Center".

Given the unethical nature of defacing web pages, the act alone had a bit of irony to it. More interesting this time was the content of the defacement. Instead of the usual crap seen from most defacers, RyDen chose to replace their page with a "Free Dmitry" message, in reference to the recently jailed software programmer Dmitry Sklyarov, who was detained shortly before returning home after attending Defcon (www.defcon.org). More ironic is the ethical considerations of the set of events surrounding Sklyarov, Adobe and the FBI.

Russian Adobe Hacker Busted

FBI becomes Copyright '911'

This defacement was part of a 'mass hack' in which RyDen defaced 18 domains. A copy of the defacement can be seen courtesy of the SafeMode mirror:


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