In the wake of the WTC/Pentagon attacks, the importance of all types of security is abundantly clear. Many people have questioned the relation of online security after the breakdowns in physical security that contributed to the tragic events on September 11. The defacement of the BWI Airport web site provides just such an example.

Visitors to the site are able to easily click to curent flight information.

After agreeing that the information you see may not be accurate, you are given a nice schedule of flights and their curent status. What if a computr criminal were to make small variations on these schedules. Alter flight times, gates, destinations, or worse, change the status of a flight from 'LANDED' to 'CRASHED'. The sheer panic and resulting mayhem would be a disaster unto itself. These types of attacks (often referred to Subversion of Information attacks) are perhaps the worst imagineable in the realm of web defacements. This is one of the cases where it seems fortunate that the attacker left an obvious defacement instead of something more subtle.

Defaced Website:
Defaced by: tty0

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