The group known as 'PoizonB0x' stuck again, giving Borland a sixth lesson in security. To date, Borland sites in Poland, Brazil, Canada and now Hungary have suffered at the hands of web vandals. Perhaps Borland should look at implementing their own products and services...

Borland Software, Hungary (PoizonB0x)
        Previous Borland defacements:

        Borland, Poland
        Borland, Brazil #1
        Borland, Canada
        Borland, Poland - Mail servers
        Borland, Brazil #2

Borland Security Service(tm)
Securing e-Business Applications

Any serious Enterprise application requires Security services to protect sensitive information and operations from unwanted, unauthorised access. Applications need to be build on robust distributed frameworks such as EJB and CORBA.. The Borland Security Service for Borland AppServer is a security service that is tightly integrated with VisiBroker and Borland AppServer and provides secure connections between clients and servers. The Borland Security Service provides the following high level services...

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