Postal Special Installment: SEO Spam

Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link exchange requests, increasing adwords... sure, they can be a legitimate business. However, that service is completely tarnished by the mouth-breathing morons that spam their crap out blindly, not realizing that offering a link exchange between a security site and a washing machine site may NOT be the perfect fit they think. After receiving enough of their crap and quickly sending it to /dev/null, we started replying. To make it more amusing for you, we borrowed the poster generator and added targeted graphics to the pages below.

SEO Engineer titles, aisle 5

never got the hookers or blow

not enough sarcasm

or VIC-20s

we should have kept that domain

or a three-way?

llama semen

4.5 years later...

with a cherry on top

a fair trade

french fried pertaters

Get Your SEO On

read the sites you send crap to

the brightest the internets has to offer

your business model is sound. no, really.

we're fully optimized already

we still think she's a hooker

we've killed for less

we'll take "fuck", "off", and "die" please

we know how you roll

quaint, but a tad outdated

do we look like we need your crap?

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