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My name is Tim Howley and I represent Our site is
dedicated to informing the public about personal injury, wrongful
death, accident, bankruptcy, nursing home, workers compensation and
medical malpractice law as well as providing legal services for anyone
in the Indianapolis, IN and the surrounding areas.

We have recently come upon and we believe that your
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Our site information is:

Title: Personal Injury Attorney in Indianapolis:  The Law Office of
Richard P. Batesky, Jr
Description: If you need a personal injury attorney in Indianpolis,
contact us now at 1-800-822-2039.

We would appreciate it if you could include a link to our site on your
web page.
Thank you and all the folks at for your time and


Tim Howley
100 West Cypress Creek Rd. Suite 1050
Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33309

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Subject: Re: wants to link to you

Can we hire your firm to sue spammers?

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