February 25, 2010. Little did Lyger know that less than 10 months later, the TSA would be grabbing it for him anyway.

[19:52] Lyger: http://twitter.com/attritionorg/status/9599669814
[19:52] quine: HHHUUUUMMMOOOO
[19:52] quine: what
[19:52] quine: niiice
[19:52] quine: i think
[19:53] quine: DID YOU SEE THE TROLL?
[19:53] Lyger: i got palm sprayed and bags searched, they were awesome professional
[19:53] quine: OHFUCK
[19:53] quine: dude
[19:53] quine: that's insane.
[19:53] Lyger: no
[19:53] Lyger: i almost volunteered for the palm spray, it was fine
[19:53] quine: Oh, okay.
[19:53] Lyger: bag was for a set of beard trimming scissors
[19:54] Lyger: no sharp points, again, very cool about it all
[19:54] quine: Oh
[19:54] quine: Well, that's good!
[19:54] Lyger: they didn't even comment about my dick sticking out of my zipper in the xray walk
[19:54] Lyger: bonus
[19:55] quine: S'hard to keep such a weird shaped thing tucked away.
[19:55] Lyger: didn't have room

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