... who the hell knows.

[05-09 19:22] nepen: Find me the original, nonpixellated version!
[05-09 19:22] nepen: So I can create a file of a REAL "spinning cock" !
[05-09 19:33] nepen: Aww, come on, you're the master of porn. Find me a hi-res spinning cock. 
	      I get all those flvs and hidden images for you... pretty please? Find me a spinning cock
[05-09 19:33] nepen: Not immediately....but like, keep an eye out for one?
[05-09 19:33] nepen: Or any other amusements?
[05-09 19:34] jericho: ...
[05-09 19:34] nepen: Remember, I need to brush up on my PS skillz. Oh, you think squido would mind 
	      or even like it if I played with her images of Okra? Like, with frames and stuff? They'd be
	      free and I'd transfer the copyright back over to her as owner.
[05-09 19:34] jericho: i dont usually run across hi-res spinning cock in the porn i watch

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